Fab Fours JK

Love It or Hate It, You’ll Notice It

The purpose of this build was to get camera phones out of pockets, and draw folks into a conversation! Love it or hate it, people want to show it to someone else, it is just that polarizing and attention grabbing. With the insane amount of modified JK’s out there right now, Fab Fours wanted to focus on “Style” first and foremost, and an overall package that just puts a smile on your face.

The 4 door unlimited JK is the absolute hottest thing going right now, and Fab Fours is launching numerous new products for it, and a build like this is the best way to do it. The build took two-weeks; bolt on is a beautiful thing. The World class brands that provided their support lead to predictable and satisfying results. As a manufacture, Fab Fours is part of a small community of like-minded businesses that often collaborate. They have forged some strong and lasting partnerships with a number of other manufactures that they consider to be Elite in their segment and therefore compatible with our brand.

Obviously the wheels bring unique flavor of bling to the build, but you would be blind to not notice the obscene amount of lighting. A single 50″ LED produces more light than you could conceivable cobble together on your rig even 6 years ago. But to have 3 of them on the front is just nuts. Furthermore, their prototype roof rack is actually capable of mounting 2 more 50″ bars on the back! If Fab Fours had gone full coverage with lights, that would put the count at 4 sets of Dually lights, and 5 50″ bars…it was just too taxing on the battery, even without the high performance stereo system thumping thanks to their friends at Arc Audio.


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