Born into over 50 years of family racing history, Casey Currie has lived his life #WithAuthority since day 1. His resume is full of accolades on motorcycles, trucks and desert buggies, making him one talented off-road junkie. He’s competed in multiple series and races with consistent success, including LOORRS, TORC, CORR, SCORE, MDR, BAJA 1000 & 500 and even AMA Supercross. Not only a famed driver, by 22 Currie became one of the youngest short-course team owners/drivers in history. He’s now 31 and is still running his own team, competitively racing, and this past year welcomed his son to the Currie family. There’s no doubt that this man knows what kind of hard work it takes to be a Champion. We recently sat down with him for a quick Q&A to find out a little more about the dedicated husband/father/team owner/driver…


MF- You’ve been racing motorcycle’s since you were 5, and trucks since you were 16 – with so many different series under your belt, which one has been your favorite?
CC- I would say either short course series or the Ultra 4 series. Short course is 16 races long, the longest racing series in Off-Road. I love to race so I want to race as many times as possible. The Ultra 4 series brings variety. It’s always fun being challenged every time you take the green flag.
MF- What is your favorite vehicle to race?
I love short course and the hammers. I love to race short course off-road because it’s the only off-road sport that allows for wheel-to-wheel contact with over 30 trucks on a track that is less than 2 miles long. I also love the Hammers because the race is 200 miles long with 180 miles of desert taking 3 hours, and 20 miles of rocks taking 5 hours. It is the ultimate challenge on the race vehicle and the drivers.


MF- How do you get prepared for these races? Do you have any pre-race rituals?
CC- I like to spin on my bicycle.
MF- You hold quite a few racing titles – 2003 MDR Series Winner, 2008 runner-up in The King Of Hammers and 2010 Champion in the TORC Off-Road Series, just to name a few. Can you give us the good and the bad of chasing a championship?
CC- Winning is always fun. Championships are the days you realize everything went right, but bad crashes are the things you least expect and hurt the worst!


MF- So with all the success you’ve seen, who has been your greatest mentor over the years and what is the most important lesson you learned from them?
CC- My Dad, because he has always made me look at racing as a business and makes me look at everything with business sense vs. emotions.
MF- Who is your favorite off-road driver of all time?
CC- Robby G because of his style on and off the track.
MF- If you weren’t an off-road racer, what would you be doing with your life?
CC- I would work for my Dad, I love the family business.
MF- As a team owner/driver and a dedicated husband/father, your days must get pretty hectic. So what does a typical day in the life of Casey Currie look like?
CC- A typical work day is me waking up at 6am, hanging with my baby till 6:45am, then head to the shop. My guys arrive at 7am and then I split my time in the office and in the shop. I usually do emails for a couple hours, then work on projects with the race team on my race trucks and my Jeep projects I always have going on. Almost every weekend I am out and about, Jeep’ing or racing.
MF- And what currently gets you from point A to B?
CC- A 2014 Jeep JK 4-door all decked out. The Jeep is upgraded with a Currie Rock Jock 70 rear end, Rock Jock 60 Front end, 40-inch BFGoodrich Tires, Walker Evans Wheels, and a Magnaflow axle-back black exhaust.


MF- You mentioned Jeep’ing on the weekends… Where is your favorite place to go off-roading with friends? Are there any specific trails you care to mention?
CC- Moab. I love Moab Rim, Cliff Hanger, Golden Spike, Prichett Canyon and Poison Spyder.
MF- What’s next for you in 2015?
CC- More Jeep events, KOH events and going after a championship in Lucas Series.
MF- Alright Casey, let’s get a little random with the question and answer, shall we? If you could go anywhere in the world with your No. 2 Jeep Pro-Lite and have free reign to drive it wherever you wanted, where would you go?
CC- I want to show the world racing. I would say Dubai, Spain or Australia.
MF- What is your dream car/truck?
CC- I would say a luxury pre runner.
MF- Dirt bikes or off-road trucks?
CC- Off road trucks, with a side of dirt bikes.


MF- Team owner or team driver?
CC- Owner that drives.
MF- 2WD or 4WD?
CC- 4WD!!
MF- What is your favorite home cooked meal?
CC- Shabu



Words by Keleen Hitzel