What do you do if you’re a Mustang lover and you want something with insane power, but you also want it to be comfortable, reliable, handle great, while built like a Swiss watch? Well, if you’re smart, you call Bodie Stroud at Bodie Stroud Industries, a shop builder who’s earned a reputation for building exactly that type of car. George Russo and his son Adam knew that and decided that Bodie was the only guy who could build the Mustang of their dreams; the GT700.

engine-underhoodBodie and his crew started with a 1965 Mustang fastback and set about taking it from ordinary to insane. This pony car is propelled by an Edelbrock built and supercharged Ford Coyote V8 that produces a reliable and tractable 700 horsepower sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, three-inch aluminum driveshaft and a Currie nine-inch rear end. Built Coyote engines are well known for sounding excellent, and the Edelbrock E-Force engine with E-Force supercharger makes it that much better. The exhaust is sent out through Ford Racing headers that have been tweaked by Mr. Stroud and into a custom MagnaFlow exhaust that reduces backpressure and lets the engine truly sing at high revs without amplifying any drone at freeway speeds. The best part of this package is that it makes every single one of those 700 horses on 91 octane pump gas!


The wheels are a relatively modest (by Bodie Stroud standards), measuring 17×7 up front and 17×8 in the rear, wrapped in sticky Kumho Ecsta SPT rubber. The car rides on a complete custom Bodie Stroud Industries chassis, giving it a lower stance without compromising ground clearance and the optimized suspension geometry is designed for thoroughly modern handling. Bringing those 700 ponies to a stop comes courtesy of Wilwood six-piston front calipers and four-piston rears with 13in rotors at all four corners. The exterior color is a slightly darker custom take on Ford’s classic Washington Blue. This build is a fantastic example of one of the custom car world’s most accomplished and exciting builders. It exudes classic Mustang from every angle, but once you turn the key on that supercharged 5.0, it gives you so much more. George Russo and his son Adam are lucky guys.


Bodie Stroud has been continuously knocking the hot rod and custom world on its ear since 2007 when he left the job he held for 15 years and founded Bodie Stroud Industries in a small shop in North Hollywood. With builds ranging from Ford F-100 pickups to Tri-5 Chevys to insane widebody Mustangs and COPO Camaros, Bodie is a man with varied tastes and far reaching talent. He’s even restoring a priceless Lamborghini for certified car fanatic and podcast impresario, Adam Carolla. Bodie Stroud is nothing if not full of surprises, and we’re excited to see what he does next!


1965 Mustang GT 700S built by Bodie Stroud Industries – http://bodiestroud.com

The specs


Edelbrock E-Force crate engine supercharged with Coyote power

Header Manufacturer: Ford Racing

Header Details: Stock tubular headers modified by BSI

Exhaust Manufacturer: Magnaflow

Horsepower: 700

Forced Induction: E-Force Supercharger

Rear End Manufacturer: Currie

Rear End Type:   9”

Drive Shaft: 3” aluminum

Additional Details: 6 speed manual transmission

Fuel Type: 91 octane

Fuel Pump: Aeromotive A1000

Fuel Tank/Cell: Custom Stainless

Fuel Management:   Ford Racing ECU

Radiator: C&R Custom split radiator/inner cooler radiator for supercharger

Fans: Spal


Type:   Rack & Pinion

Manufacturer: Flaming River

Steering Column: Flaming River

Power Steering Fluid: Royal Purple


Seats: Late model Mustang

Gauges: Auto Meter

A/C System: Vintage Air

Stereo System

Head Unit:   Classic auto sound

Wheels and Tires

Wheel Manufacturer: Vintage Wheel Works

Front Wheel Size: 17×7

Rear Wheel Size: 17×8

Tire Manufacturer/Model: Kumho/ecsta SPT

Front Tire Size: 245/45R17

Rear Tire Size: 255/45R17


Paint Color: Darkened Washington Blue


Front Manufacturer:   Wilwood

Front Caliper Specs: 6 piston 13” rotor

Rear Manufacturer: Wilwood

Rear Caliper Specs: 4 piston 13” rotor


Battery Location: Inside rear seat delete compartment

Battery Manufacturer: Optima


Front Suspension Manufacturer: BSI

Front Suspension Type: IFS

Rear Suspension Manufacturer: BSI

Rear Suspension Type: Triangulated 4 bar

Shock Manufacturer: QA1

Sway Bars: Speedway